Malawi extends mileage in forest crime fight

Malawi has recently seen an increase in the prosecution of crimes against individuals involved in various forestry crimes. 

According to the Director of Forestry in the Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources; Dr. Clement Chimima the development follows a prevailing cordial working relationship the department has developed with the judiciary.

Here is a summary of key convictions recorded in less than a week across the country.

In Kasungu- Two people have been ordered to pay 500, 000 and 200,000 each or serve a 30/ 24 months jail term respectively while the vehicle used to commit the crime (MN 7433) has been forfeited to the Malawi Government.

In Nkhota Kota- Two people were found guilty and convicted over forestry-related crimes hence ordered to pay 240, 000 and 120,000 respectively or in default serve a 24month jail term.

In Blantyre, a Driver has been fined 50,000 for trafficking charcoal while the owner was ordered to pay 120,000 to have his vehicle released.

In Mangochi three people have been convicted for smuggling 42 bags of charcoal and ordered to pay a fine of 80,000 or in default serve a jail a 12months jail term.

Meanwhile over 10 fresh cases have been brought to court pending judgment. Let’s fight forest crime and save Malawi.