Forestry Minister for alternative energy adoption

Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources, Nancy Tembo has encouraged the general public to adopt alternative sources of energy as a way of ending dependency on Charcoal.

The Minister was speaking this after touring Ntchisi forest reserve on Wednesday in company of the minister responsible for tourism, culture and wildlife Michael Usi.

According to Tembo despite scaling-up efforts to curb charcoal production, still remains the major cause of depletion of forests hence a need for adoption of alternative sources of energy.

She said “time has come for the public to embrace alternative sources of energy. This charcoal business will continue bringing us environmental misfortunes.

She cited adoption of low firewood cookstoves (Chitetezo Mbaula), production and usage of briquets as well as acceleration of gas stove usage as alternatives requiring adoption among others.

In his remarks village headman Ngoza whose catchment borders the famous rain forest thanked the two cabinet ministers for touring the reserve.

According to the local leader, his community has been equipped through various afforestation and livelihood upliftment initiatives being championed by Ntchisi Forest Lodge situated inside the reserve.

He said “as locals we are advised to champion forest conservation through planting of trees besides promoting the adoption of alternative sources of energy as a means of minimizing charcoal demand.

The National Charcoal Strategy of 2017 to 2027 says that more than 97 percent of households in Malawi rely on illegally and unsustainably sourced biomass (Charcoal and firewood for domestic cooking and heating energy).