Department of Forestry Update on Actions to Address Corruption

In a follow-up to the Weekend Nation Newspaper article by the investigative journalist Bobby Kabango, the Department of Forestry immediately engaged the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), who agreed to investigate the allegations. The ACB has not yet communicated its findings.

In addition, the Department of Forestry further requested and provided financial support for the Malawi Police Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) to also follow up on the allegations.

The findings from the CIU have been communicated, through a report to the Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources. The report recommends some actions and further criminal investigations against some suspects. This is ongoing.

Although not related to the “Kabango investigation”, three forestry officials have been interdicted. This action is stemming from accusations of suspected corruption by the officials, which are being investigated.

Lastly, the Department of Forestry has communicated to all forestry personnel across the country to confirm a zero-tolerance policy on corruption.